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October 17, 1997

Birth Sign




Born in Calgary, Alberta, in the year 1997, Alyssa Baker was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. Alyssa is a young actor/singer songwriter on the rise, whose credits span the genres of television, music and the theatre.Alyssa was drawn to the performing arts at a very young age. At two, she was singing every song on the radio, and at five, as a reward for a job well done in kindergarten, she asked her parents for singing lessons, and musical theatre classes soon followed. Before her sixth birthday, Alyssa had performed at venues throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and was scouted by a local talent agent. She began booking commercial work almost immediately.Her passion for both music and acting continued to grow. Voice lessons began in 2002. Her study of Royal Conservatory classical piano commenced at 8 years of age. Guitar lessons came two years later, and banjo, ukulele, and jazz piano soon followed. Throughout these years, Alyssa continued to hone her skills in the theatre, and at the age of 12 was cast as Patrice in Awkward Stage Production's adaptation of the musical 13!, by Dan Elish and Robert Horn, with original music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. read more

13! won the audience-favorite award, "Pick of the Fringe", at the 2010 Vancouver Fringe Festival, and earned an extended run in theaters throughout Vancouver. In 2012Alyssa was cast in another Awkward Stage Production, Zanna Don't!, by Alexander Dinelaris. Her portrayal of Candi earned both critical and fan acclaim, and caught the attention of talent agent, TJ Lim. A promising partnership was born.In 2015, Alyssa was cast in the role she is perhaps best-known for, the character Maggie, a driven, multi-talented, somewhat complex singer songwriter in the new TV teen drama, Lost & Found Music Studios. A spin-off from the worldwide sensation The Next Step, Lost & Found tells the story of young musicians participating in an elite, after-school music program, as they struggle to make it in the music industry, navigate the challenges of being teenagers, and struggle to find their authentic voice. The YouTube video featuring Alyssa and three other Lost & Found cast members, a collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider, has surpassed 1.8 million views and was featured on the popular online entertainment news source, Entertainment Weekly. Popstar! online published a feature on Alyssa for her work in this role.In the year 2010, Alyssa's aspirations as a songwriter became clear. From the floor of her childhood bedroom or music room, she labored for hours over lyrics and melodies. Her debut, self-titled EP was released in 2014, and lead to performances on the historic Broadway strip in Nashville, Tennessee, and a 10-city tour of British Columbia. Her most recent work, a five-track EP entitled Undone, was produced by long-time voice coach and mentor, Andy Toth, and co-produced by Alyssa. It showcases Alyssa's evolution as a songwriter and a new, more mature sound. Alyssa describes it as, "moody, dream-pop, with hints of electronica". Undone will be released in July of 2016.

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