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6' (1.83 m)


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Alvaro Orlando is of Cuban/Colombian decent.Alvaro was an amateur Golden Gloves boxer (going into the professional level) and into mixed martial arts tournaments. He also became a professional break-dancer and an all around athlete.After graduating high school, he worked as a Camera Assistant for several shows for the Spanish network, Univision. One day he was asked by the host to play an impromptu character in a comedy skit in front of the live television show "Sabado Gigante." Alvaro moved to New York and told his grandmother that Andy Garcia was not going to be the only famous Latino actor graduating from Miami Beach Senior High and added that when he gets famous, he would make a movie about how his grandmother, who came from Cuba to Miami with no money, not speaking English, no family to lean on, but still made it.As soon as he got into New York, he was cast as a host for a national bilingual urban show called "The Roof," where he had the opportunity to use his charisma. read more

He led interviews with famous celebrities while taking acting classes three times a week, studying with New York's finest. He discovered how to use his instrument and developed a craft by top notch Method Acting personal coaches.Alvaro got his biggest break as soon as he arrived in Hollywood. He was cast on Vh1's hit show "Pick Up Artist," inspiring thousands of viewers with his quirky lovable high energy character and he went on to win the show with a grand prize of $50,000. He did a full media blitz, doing talk shows, radio interviews, and other personal appearances.The feature film "Revenge" which was released in the U.S. by the Weinstein Company in late November 2009 (it was initially distributed in Europe in 2008 with the title, "Shadow Boxing 2"), he lost 9 pounds to play the role of a young explosive boxer named Cesar Mendez.He starred as lead in Dir. Kenneth Castillo's first feature film "Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz," (nominated for 2009 Imagen Awards - Best Director and Best Picture). He also played a very challenging role as "Mariposa," the powerful and witty transvestite fortune teller in Kenneth Castillo's "Drive-By Chronicles: Nicky and Jacky," the third feature from the trilogy. Alvaro also played an interesting role in the upcoming film "Eating Out: The Open Weekend" (2012), the fifth edition of the hit gay-themed film series. On television, he has appeared on Lie to Me, 90210, Breaking In, America's Most Wanted, and Hard Times of RJ Berger.Alvaro Orlando is a fearless strong and intense actor who will go that extra mile to find those gems in each character he portrays. He is a leading man with the ability to play range of characters -- from a tough boxer, to a shy autistic kid, from a crazy gang member, to a young articulate cop.Alvaro Orlando will be next seen in "Counterpunch," his first feature produced, written, and starred in, playing a bipolar boxer. He isalso getting rave reviews for his performance in "I Am Not A Hipster," (2012 Sundance Selection) where he plays a flamboyant best friend.

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