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Alphonse Philippe Mouzon posters


Birth Sign


5' 5" (1.65 m)


Alphonse Philippe Mouzon was born in Northridge, California. He's the son of jazz musician/film composer Alphonse Mouzon, Sr. and attorney Linda Ledesma Mouzon. He's the oldest of three. Alphonse Philippe got his start in the movie business at age six when he had a speaking role in the hit film Lethal Weapon 1, alongside Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Gary Busey. He was the boy with the green eyes and blond Afro during the firetruck scene. He has appeared in commercials and performed at various jazz festivals with his father and brother. After putting himself through college, he graduated in 2006 from Cal State Northridge with a BA degree in TV/Film Production and is working toward becoming a working actor and indie film maker. Alphonse Philippe has studied at the Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) with instructor Gina Nemo, Improv at both The Groundlings and LA Connection Comedy Theatre under Kent Skov's guidance, and with Bobbie Chance at Expressions Unlimited.

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