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Ally Warren was raised in Montreal, Canada. Her first acting part was as the Patridge in a Pear Tree in the Twelve Days of Christmas in grade one at Cedar Park Elementary School, in Pointe Claire Quebec.She studying acting formally with a variety of different teachers in a variety of different methods (or styles) including Master Classes in American Film Acting with Jeff Corey (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Actor's Studio Alum), Stanislavski Method with Alexei Batalov from the Moscow Art Theater (accomplished Russian Film and Konstantin Stanislavski's last protege) and attended the University of British Columbia in the BA/BFA acting programs.At UBC, during Summer Stock, Ally Directed the play "The Virtuous Burglar", a Nobel Peace Prize winning play by Italian, Dario Fo, on the Main Stage of the Frederic Wood Theatre with an ensemble cast of 9 actors including herself as the Second Burglar, Dario Fo's cameo role.Ally played "The Steakbroker" in 'The Food and I', a short film which won Special Jury Prize at Italy's Invideo Film Festival. read more

She won Best Actress at the Persistence of Vision Film Festival for her portrayal of Gail, a cancer patient gone insane, in the short film The Tumor.

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