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Acting became Allison's passion after, at age four she became the youngest star of a Theatrix Youtheatre production. She memorized everyone's lines and would often provide help to the adult cast. She quickly transitioned to film after taking acting classes and was honored to work with the great comic legend Mary Black and the rest of the gifted cast in the beautifully directed, Family Of Ghost by the gifted new director, Shannon Kholi.She also loves animals, horseback riding, playing soccer and piano. She often creates songs from the notes she has learned. Allison also sings and dances and has starred in many dance productions.She is in the gifted program at school and is noted for her creativity, leadership and desire to help others.In addition to all this fabulous-ness Allison is really funny and makes her acting coach, Kirsten Clarkson laugh...all the time.

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