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Actress Allie Marshall was born Allison Danielle Marshall in Providence, Rhode Island on September 5th. She spent her younger years in life in her home state focused on her education. At the age of 16 she started college after skipping a year of high school and set out to be an athletic trainer. She stumbled into her unknown passion of acting, making her film debut as Erica in "Almost Mercy (2015)" (viewable on Netflix). From there, she immediately changed her career path and began training her craft. She completed her first year of acting with 17 credits to her name. Allie studied acting with performance theorist Tim Hillman (Matthew Perry, Sara Gilbert, Rashida Jones) prior to his passing in April 2016. She trains weekly with her acting coach and bimonthly with her acting trainer. More of her work can be seen on Lifetime in the film "Twisted Sisters (2016)" aka "Sorority Nightmare" and "Deep of the Sea (2017)" (releasing in September 2017).

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