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Allen Perada posters


Birth Sign


6' 1" (1.85 m)


Allen Perada is a native Californian living in Los Angeles, originally from San Francisco, he received a BA in Broadcast Communication from SFSU. In 2016 Allen starred in three award winning festival films; "The Rat," , "Chaos," and "Remember When" ( Best Actor Nomination). Upcoming in 2017 Allen has just signed on to co-star in the faith based sequel "New World Order; Rise of the Dark Prince" shooting in Phiily this fall. In the can for 2017 AP is featured in the action film "Syndicate Smasher", Co-Stars in the new Puppet Master XI: Axis Termination, the Greenapple Ent. Grind house film Hitchhiker Massacre and is featured in a new Indy TV Pilot titled "The A-Lister". Allen recently co-starred in the "Criminal Minds" episode "Conflicted", directed by Jason Alexander and started his acting career on TV shows "7th Heaven," "Renegade," "High Tide," and in films "Hook," "Body Snatchers," and "Mr. Jones." For more in-depth recent news, pics & resume, demo reels and a full origin bio please visit allenperada. read more

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