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Allen Fawcett posters


January 28, 1954

Birth Sign




Allen Fawcett began his professional performance career in summer stock musicals at the age of sixteen. For the next 25 years, he acted in: 35 national commercials; 7 Broadway musicals, including above-the-title billing as "Joseph" in the original Broadway production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; two soaps (The Edge of Night (1956) and General Hospital (1963) series regular); 2 CBS TV movies; and Dick Clark/MCA TV's lip-synch game show, Puttin' on the Hits (1984), which Allen wrote and hosted for 4 years. In 1986, Allen moved behind the camera to co-author the highly acclaimed book, "Kid Biz: (How To Help Your Child Succeed In Show Business)", published by Warner Books. Actors' Equity Association called "Kid Biz" "the most responsible book ever written on the subject". In 1991, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Studios, and the Fox Network hired Allen to be their on-set acting coach on several of their series. In 1993, Allen opened a sound stage in Studio City specializing in shooting and editing affordable network quality reels for actors. read more

In addition, Allen provided the only reel showcases in LA where actors had their reels screened and critiqued by casting directors, agents, and managers. In November of 1994, Allen executive produced on his sound stage a half-hour sit-com pilot titled "Office Hours". The pilot was written by playwright Garry Michael Kluger, author of the Samuel French best-seller "Original Audition Scenes For Actors".

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