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6' 2" (1.88 m)


Allen Daniel is an Actor working in film, television, and theatre as well as an honorable military veteran.Allen was born and raised in North Georgia. His passion for acting began in elementary school and never went away throughout the years. After nine years of active duty military service in the Air Force and one year as a military contractor in Afghanistan, he's returned back to his roots.Since returning to Georgia and beginning his full-time acting career in 2013, Allen has been seen as the lead role for Discovery Channel's "Swamp Murders", the lead for "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Ferst Center for the Arts in Atlanta, and in various commercials for Adidas, Infieldfest at Preakness, and American Ethanol.His extensive military experience, martial arts, and firearms knowledge have led him to not only pursue a career in acting, but to also expand his horizons to stunt work. He recently had the privilege to work beside and learn from the best in the business on the TV Series Revolution and the film Mockingjay. read more

Allen is thrilled to be finally chasing his dream and cannot thank his parents, family, and friends enough for their love and support!

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