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Allelon Ruggiero posters


March 5, 1971

Birth Sign




Allelon Ruggiero has been a professional actor since 1988 when he played Stephen Meeks, one of the "dead poets" from Peter Weir's classic, "Dead Poets Society". He finished out his acting training at the Performing Arts School of Philadelphia after "Dead Poets" wrapped, and went on to study film at University of the Arts. While Ruggiero was attending the University he appeared in various movies: "New Jack City", "Green Card", "Two Bits", "Eyes Beyond Seeing", "Twelve Monkeys", and "Thinner".In 1992 he played the episode lead, Carl Borland, in NBC's "Law and Order- Intolerance". After finishing "Law and Order" Ruggiero chose to focus on writing, directing and acting in his short film entitled "Lost", which screened at the Museum of American Art in 1995, won third place at the Denver International film works festival in 1997 and is now a permanent part of PBS's "Independent Images" series.In the winter of 1998 Ruggiero appeared as Jimmy, the possessed executioner, in Gregory Hoblit's supernatural thriller," Fallen", starring Denzel Washington. read more

He can also be seen in the upcoming Philippe Mora film, "Joseph's Gift", starring Sam Bottoms and Robert Townsend.Ruggiero's latest roles include the lead of Allen Anderson in Roger Corman's, "The Greenskeeper", and also a small day player role in Sam Mendes' "Jarhead".Al is currently developing several projects with D-lux films.

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