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Alison Headrick is an Australian born working actress, writer and producer, who was born in the Western suburbs of Sydney, and has trained professionally in Sydney, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In 2014 she was cast in Scott Sowter's "Into the Black"(2014) a role which would later lead her to also being cast in Scott's project, "Pillow Talk"(2016), which had Alison nominated for Best Actress, and won the Peoples Choice Award, at the Made in the West Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. In 2015 Alison lived in Los Angeles, which led to her securing the role Ava Williams in Conrad Faraj's "Fighting the Sky"(2017), a film set to be Alison's most recognized role thus far. Upon a brief return to Sydney, Alison also secured a role in the Australian indie feature "Kick Ons"(2018), and has begun developing experience as a producer for The Salty Strangers Production Company. Throughout this time Alison also worked as a member of the Starrs Productions theatre company roster, and performed in locations all across Australia. read more

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