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Alison Harris posters


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Alison Helen Louise Harris was born in Shropshire, England, to parents Moira and Michael, on May 7th 1986. Alison is of Scottish and English decent. She spent most of her childhood and early adult life growing up in Tamworth, Staffordshire in the Midlands. Alison knew she wanted to act from a very early age. At age 5 Alison had her first speaking role as a hotel Manager in a school play and quite quickly got the acting bug. She joined a number of drama groups and performed in a variety of plays and musicals. Alison studied a BTEC in Performing Arts (Acting) at Sutton Coldfield College and then went on to study at Bath Spa University graduating in 2008 with a 2:1 in Acting for Live & Recorded Media. Alison's first professional credit was an educational film about drug abuse. She then toured a children's play and appeared in a number of short films and stage productions. Alison's most recent and successful work is as Branwen, Merlin's mother, in the independent medieval feature film, Arthur & Merlin (2015) This film is available world wide and showcases Alison's emotional range and subtle delivery. read more

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