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Alisha Klass posters


January 3, 1972

Birth Sign



5' 6" (1.68 m)


Alisha Klass was born in Chino, California and following her parents death at the age of 2, was raised by her grandmother. After graduating from high school, she moved to Las Vegas to work as a stripper at The Olympic Gardens and sex worker. At this time Klass was also attending The Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising, where she would eventually earn a degree in fashion. Klass began to watch adult videos with her male roommates during this time. The films that she discovered at this time which would have a great effect on her was the "Seymore Butts" series starring Adam Glasser (whose stage name was Seymore Butts). Klass became obsessed with the Seymore Butts movies and began to fantasize about appearing in them. One day, on a dare from her female roommate, Klass had "Seymore Butts" name tattooed on her lower back. Later, through her job stripping she became friends with a woman who worked for Adam Glasser and in turn was introduced to him. Klass attended Glasser's photo shoots, met performers, and read his fan mail. read more

Eventually, Klass asked to be in one of Glasser's films and performed her first scene in 1997 with Ron Jeremy and Samantha Stylle in Behind the Sphinc Door.Klass began a relationship with Adam Glasser and appeared in many of his movies. Her enthusiasm for sex brought her a great deal of attention and in 1999 she won the Adult Video News award for Best New Starlet.In 2000, Glasser and Klass separated and began a very public quarrel. It was during this time that Klass stopped appearing in adult films. Klass had her "Seymore Butts" tattoo changed into a dolphin. In 2001, Glasser was charged with 'distribution of obscene material' and 'advertising of obscene matter for sale' for a scene Klass had filmed with fellow adult actress Chloe in Tampa Tushy-Fest Part 1. These charges were eventually dropped. Since then, Klass has made a few appearances in mainstream movies.

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