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Alina Mcleod is an actress from Kiev, Ukraine, but grew up in small town Saskatchewan. Being a very creative child, she kept herself busy with any artistic pursuit available all throughout grade school. When she was thirteen she developed a severe interest in fashion, convinced she was going to be the next Kate Moss (being only 5'6). This was literally a tall order considering her home town of 800 people wasn't exactly fashion central. It took two years of hard work and magic fairy dust, but she finally landed a modeling contract in Tokyo and continued to go for numerous contracts. In her mid teens she started taking acting classes which lead to many lucrative television and commercial jobs in Tokyo. The largest being a series regular on TBS - Ataru, which was the #1 show in Japan in 2012. Eventually she knew it was time to pursue more serious film projects in North America so she moved to Toronto in late 2013 and began her studies at Toronto Film School. She has worked on numerous independent and commercial projects and is dedicated to keep moving towards her dream of large scale film projects. read more

She is also an avid YouTuber, content creator and lover of travel. She is signed with Karen Law at Creative Drive Artists.

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