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Alicia Underwood posters


Birth Sign



Alicia trains daily in fitness, owns her own web series with a great team, UTubesensations, and has an active Instagram following nearing 70K fans. Her first feature film, cast her as a ditsy, innocent, young girl in The Highschooler's Guide to College Parties. Soon afterwards her role as a naive teen who lost her first boyfriend to a violent stabbing. Moon Ring, established her as a serious actor with deep emotional levels. A country sweetheart stays true to her roots in Morning Star, filmed at the infamous Billy Bob's night club. Alicia exclaims, "I was so excited standing in the same place where three-time Oscar nominated actress, Debra Winger stood, because I am often told I remind people of her in that film." Working alongside horror icons Bill Mosley of The Devil's Rejects, and Doug Bradley of Hellraiser in The Inflicted, Alicia played the pivotal witness enduring a grueling interrogation. In 2015, Ghost Note, a psychological thriller, now on Amazon, premiered in 2017. Leading the cast in Birthday Girl, as a troubled sexual abuse victim, Alicia was nominated for best actor in several film festivals. read more

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