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Alicia Guastaferro posters


September 11, 1991

Birth Sign



5' 5" (1.65 m)


With pop eyes like Bette Davis, blonde bombshell like Marilyn Monroe, spicy rap delivery like Eve, and sweet charm like Britney Spears, there's no other female rapper like Alicia G. Her music is a fuse of hip-hop and electronic dance beats that blends so well with her spicy rap delivery.Alicia Kristina Guastaferro was born in upscale New York on September 11, 1991, the only child of Ralph and Karen Guastaferro. She grew up in an upper middle class family and is of Italian decent. At the tender age of eleven months, Guastaferro made her debut in pageants and continued to participate in national beauty pageants (many of which she won) for several years. In addition to beauty pageants, Guastaferro also participated in dancing, gymnastics, singing, piano, and cheerleading throughout her adolescence. She also maintained a commendable academic record during her years in school.In 2008, Alicia and her family appeared on a controversial episode of ABC's Wife Swap. On the highly scripted show, she was falsely portrayed as a spoiled, airheaded, material girl, which is a sharp contrast to her real character. read more

After the episode aired, Guastaferro became the subject of vicious bullying and harassment from her peers. She was also bombarded with hate mail, stalkers, and hate crimes against her as a result of her appearance on Wife Swap. The gratuitous events were followed by more tribulations that cast her family in mental anguish.After several years of agony, Gustaffero turned her life around when she hit the music scene, as Alicia G, when she dropped her first single "Pretty Girl" in 2015. The spicy rap electropop song became a runaway hit and snowballed Gustaffero's music career. In 2016 she released her debut EP titled "The Real Me" to rave reviews.

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