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Alicia Clark posters


Birth Sign


5' 7" (1.7 m)


Alicia Deven Clark grew up in theatre, singing on stage and for weddings at age 5. She has since excelled her studies in the Theatrical Arts with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre. She has studied several forms of dance, yoga, stage combat, stunt training, and studied abroad in Europe to learn more of the theatrical arts. Since graduating, her studies launched her into the professional and independent film industry in Michigan, branching into the Midwest. She has experience on student films to working on big budget movie sets such as Touchback, Dial A Prayer, Return To The Hiding Place. Being SAG-AFTRA in a state no longer holding the film tax incentive, she has worked hard and has been in national television commercials and voiceover work for major companies. When filming hit a low, she turned her artistic studies to her music where she founded a Rock-Metal band in Detroit, being the lead singer and lyricist. Ms. Clark is a highly intelligent, hard-working artist who always takes her work to heart, giving all her energy and willpower towards the projects she undertakes. read more

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