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Alicia C. Del Aguila posters


August 9, 2004

Birth Sign



4' 11" (1.5 m)


Alicia Del Aguila was born on August 9th 2004 in Manassas VA. She started performing on stage when she was 1 year old. Born into a family of artists, she got involved with acting, modeling, dancing, and singing.Alicia entered the entertainment business professionally as an actress when she was 9 years old. She has completed several commercials and other productions throughout her career. Her first commercial was for UVA children's hospital in early 2014. In addition, she was a runway model for Luxottica USA Group for their latest line of Disney's children eyewear. Plus, she has appeared in multiple commercials, such as: Florida's Natural Orange Juice and Disney's Lifestyles Resorts; resulting in becoming SAG-Eligible.She has continued to work on multiple productions, including: Disney, Universal, Allegra, and Visit Orlando Campaign. In addition to commercial work, she has completed 3 movies: Monsters at Large (2017), Robo-Dog: Airborne (2017), and No Place in This World (2017).

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