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Alice Waddington posters


July 31, 1990

Birth Sign




Born in Bilbao, Spain to a Catalan psychologist and a Galician university teacher, Alice acquired her stage name at sixteen while assisting director of photography Quique López ('Sótano', 'Ander'). At 18, she studied advertising in the UPV-EHU University and became an assistant of photography who started taking promotion stills and directing fashion films (for the Spanish editions of Harper's Bazaar, Neo2 and others) At 20 and for three years, she worked as an advertising creative, a producer and an advertising video editor at the agencies Leo Burnett Iberia (with clients such as AXA, DIA, Trident) and Social Noise (eDreams, Pepsico, Verti...) also specializing as a photo-realistic storyboard artist.In 2014, with the help of Mexican executive producer Yadira Ávalos, she resolved to take a year off agency work to make a short piece. She found sponsors to help her produce what became her first narrative 11' 30'' - minute film, 'Disco Inferno' (2015), which obtained nominations in 67 international film festivals including fan favorites such as Palm Springs, Fantasia, Sitges or Fantastic Fest, which first awarded her as Best Director and Silver Feature Film Project of its film market. read more

Twelve other international festival wins ensued, making Disco Inferno into the most successful Spanish genre short directed by a woman within the international festival circuit. The short film is still touring Japan, China, the US and Canada with several 'Best of the Fest' showcases.Alice is to enter preproduction of her first full-length film, 'Paradise Hills' in 2017 with Spanish production company Nostromo Pictures ('Penny Dreadful' S3, 'Buried', 'Life Itself'). The feature is a science-fiction thriller and is written by Brian DeLeeuw ('Some kind of hate') and Academy-Award nominated Nacho Vigalondo ('Colossal', 'Timecrimes', 'Extraterrestrial')

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