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Alice Ford posters


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Meet Alice Ford, one of the industry's most up and coming female leads. With a career ignited this summer working under blockbuster rock star Michael Bay. Alice's stunt abilities, doubling lead actress Nicola Peltz, Transformers 4 "Age of Extinction" is expected to smash box office records.A college athlete in gymnastics, track and diving, Alice has been performing in the spot light for over a decade. Applying her athletic abilities to earn a full ride at the University of Arizona she continued to apply her mind and focus following her college degree with a master's in Environmental Management.Taking creativity and an extensive environmental knowledge into her own hands, Alice is producing and starring in an upcoming television series. After traveling for several months, "Alice Ford's: World Heritage Adventures," is expected to be a travel channel sensation. Applying her on screen talents and knowledge, television can expect big things next season.Alice Ford is a strong, confidant woman that brings more than meets the eye on and off camera. read more

Keep your TV guide close and DVR ready, you won't want to miss what is in store for this young superstar in the months to come.

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