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Alice Arno posters


June 29, 1946

Birth Sign




Comely, buxom, and shapely redhead stunner Alice Arno was born Marie-France Broquet on June 29, 1946 in Poland. The daughter of French naturist parents, Alice had no issues pertaining to nudity and was justifiably proud of her exquisitely voluptuous body. After initially establishing herself as a glamour model (she posed for such notable photographers as Roland Carre and Serge Jacques and was featured in magazines from all over the world), Arno made her film debut in an uncredited bit role in 1967. Alice went on to do small parts in mainstream movies and more substantial roles in down'n'dirty low-budget exploitation fare throughout the 1970's; she's perhaps best known for acting in a handful of racy pictures for legendary Spanish maverick 'Jesus Franco (I)'. Moreover, Arno acted in several films with her actress sister Chantal Broquet and was often in demand to shoot steamy scenes to spice up other directors' pictures. In addition, Alice also worked informally on various movies not only as an on-set photographer and continuity person, but also handled costume and make-up duties as well. read more

Arno called it a day as an actress in 1977.

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