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Ali Ferda posters


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A West Virginia native, Ali Ferda began performing in theater at age 13 while living in northwestern Ohio. Having been bit by the acting bug, Ali ultimately attended The Ohio State University, where she continued to pursue her acting career by majoring in Theater. In 2009, she was cast as Jacqueline in the feature-length film, Nine Minute Love Song, where she truly fell in love with film acting. With a solid theater background, Ali decided to focus her energy on film and move on from the theatrical world. Fast forward to today, Ali has performed in 10 feature-length films, and has co-starred with some well-known names, including Scream Queen, Jessica Cameron, and Carlo Mendez who has appeared in the hit TV-series, Parks and Recreation. While persistently refining her craft, Ali's experience and resume continues to grow, along with her fan-base and name recognition.

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