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Alfred Rubin Thompson posters


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6' 2" (1.88 m)


Alfred Rubin Thompson is an up and coming triple-threat, specializing in acting, voice-over, and music. With his trademark deep baritone voice and tall stature, Alfred grabs his fan's attention both on and off the screen. A.R.T. plays an enthusiastic customs agent in the Emmy award winning hit comedy "Modern Family" on ABC Networks. Recently, he played Edgar in the new hit NBC Networks comedy "Marry Me". A.R.T. has made his big screen debut in the highly-anticipated upcoming HBO movie Hemingway & Gellhorn starring Hollywood heavyweights, Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen, Robert Duvall, Parker Posey, and Tony Shalloub. Alfred Rubin Thompson co-stars in a feature film called The Whaley Haunted House and a action packed thriller called ABSTRACTION . A.R.T. has a recurring role as (Tyson) in this year season of "Sons Of Anarchy" on FX Networks. A.R.T. also shoot an episode as "BOSS" in CBS Network top comedy show "How I Met Your Mother". Alfred captivated audiences with his unforgettable portrayal as Oakland Nate, a gangster rap producer in this suspense thriller, Decisions, starring the late Corey Haim in his last feature film role. read more

On the small screen, Alfred will be co-starring on the upcoming much talked about episode of the critically acclaimed comedy, The Office; the final episode of Hollywood funny-man Steve Carrell, featuring special guest star Will Ferrell. Next on the horizon, Raising Hope on FOX Networks where he shows a different character and a role in JUSTIFIED on FX NetworksA native from Hollis Queens, Alfred has already hit the scene running with the best of the best in Hollywood. He has created characters into unforgettable performances that entertains audiences, as a result, earning critically acclaim from his performance in the BET Networks feature film Winner Takes All. In addition to his film credits, you can also see him the widely successful blockbuster hit Alvin and the Chipmunks . Alfred has an array of commercial work to his resume including the recent FOX NFL spot; as well as national commercials with Burger King, Auto-zone, Infinity, and more. As a voice-over artist he was recently featured in the Super Bowl XXVI Boost Mobile commercial as well as using his unique voice to countless others such as Covington Chrysler, and Louisville Zoo to just name a few.With his extensive background in entertainment, Alfred has now expanded his talents into entrepreneurship. Seeking out even more challenging endeavors, this entertainment mogul is the CEO and owner of A.R.T. International, which encompasses music and film production, and Global Investment Company that will launch several projects in film and music. Whether starring in front of the camera, or running his companies, Alfred never ceases to surprise with his many talents. He is the definition of multi-talented, working in all aspects of entertainment with feature films, commercials, music, voice over, and theater.

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