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Alexis Wolfe posters


Birth Sign


5' 1" (1.55 m)


Alexis (known by friends as Alex) got her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, where she won the coveted WCDAC award for excellence in acting. She has traveled all over the world, most recently through South America, and returned to shoot a documentary/series called The Vegan Road Trip. Passionate about storytelling and animal rights, the documentary explores the tradition of food and how we can implement change while nurturing certain culinary customs of our past. After many years in Los Angeles, Alex recently moved to New York, where she lives with her dog Pepper. When she's not working she mentors a young girl, bakes and writes for her food blog The Vegan Road Trip (www.theveganroadtrip.com), and works as a photographer (www.alexwolfephotography.com).

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