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Alexis Maldonado posters


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Alexis Maldonado was born in McAllen Texas, but later moved to Washington state at a very young age, so most of her childhood memories come from the Evergreen state. Alexis has always been the girl with a big personality, loud voice, strong opinions, and creative mindset. By the age of eight she had her sights set on becoming a performer. Alexis loved to write songs, poetry, stories, sketch her mind on a sheet of paper, and quote things from books and this later developed into a love for acting. Alexis took acting and singing classes at a talent school in Seattle Wa, after she began making inroads into the film and television world. Alexis' family would eventually move to California where she began appearing in t.v shows, movies, music videos, and commercials. It has been challenging, exciting, and even scary at times, but Alexis loves that she is living her dream.

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