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Alexandria Williams posters


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5' 5" (1.65 m)


Born and raised in Elmont, Long Island, Alexandria is an Army Veteran and amateur boxing champion with her eyes set on Hollywood. She understands how hard she will have to work to become a rising star in the business with the discipline and dedication only another soldier would possess. Alex has recently played "Mia" in the upcoming fight drama Fight Valley and appeared as a female boxer for the movie Ring The Bell. She plays an Army soldier in the film Surviving The Outbreak. She also appeared as a stewardess for the upcoming movie Fair Market Value. She was a lead in a short student film called Night Stalker, where she played a young girl home alone when an intruder attacks. She was cast as a lead for a remake of a music video for a student project when she played Keyshia Cole in "Love". Although her experience list is short, her skill set is not. She is a sharpshooter with military grade rifles and a marksman with military grade pistols. She was a military police officer in the army so she has experience in evasive driving and she can drive a motorcycle. read more

Alex is also a 3 time amateur boxing champion with more championships ahead of her. She was the 2014 N.Y.A.B.C champion, 2014 Metro Champion, and 2015 Golden Glove champion and is an amazing jump roper and sprinter. She was also an All-Long Island basketball player for high school and led her team to multiple championships as a point-guard. She went on to earn a full scholarship to college and was one of the top rookies in the conference. Alex does exceptional with all sports including football, softball, and was even on the swim team. She is also a fairly experienced dog trainer and even took a chance at writing lyrics for hip hop music.

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