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Alexandria Benoit posters


April 16, 1994

Birth Sign



5' 7" (1.7 m)


Alexandria has been featured as a Principal Actress on many popular Canadian and American television shows such as Emmy Nominated "Degrassi: The Next Generation", Carlo Liconti's "Rebels", SyFy/Showcase's "Haven", CBC's "Being Erica" and Discovery Channel's "Karma's a B*tch".She also has an extensive repertoire in film - Toronto's International Film Festival 2014's "Guidance" won multiple awards nation-wide and Alexandria has enjoyed roles in Ed Gass-Donnelly/Peter Stormare's "Small Town Murder Songs", Triben Entertainment's "A Cry in the Dark", Temple Street Productions' "The Garden", Trophy Life (CFC), The Dance (CFC), Charlie's Bad Break, The Fantastic Plastic Brain (Discovery Health US/The Science Channel), Reel Wolf Productions Q, Red Roses for Albert, He's No Dummy (Julie Mee), A Mid Winters Daydream and many more.Alexandria was featured in the International McDonalds McCafe campaign for Sochis 2014 Winter Olympics.Training with Lewis Baumander, Nahanni Johnstone and Marvin Hintz, Alexandria is committed to continuously owning, developing and sharpening her skills. read more

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