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Alexandra Voicu posters


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Alexandra has fondly called Vancouver home since moving there at the age of 10. She graduated with a BA double majoring in Theatre and Communications from Trinity Western University in 2010. She is proud to have worked on some truly amazing projects with incredible artists during her time there. Since then, she has ventured into the film and TV world, and considers herself blessed to have met and worked with the people she has gotten a chance to this far. She is especially proud of her first journey into writing, directing and producing her own short film alongside four other talented and beautiful ladies in the first Sorry Mom and Dad Productions project. Alexandra wants to thank her parents, sister and brother in law for having shown so much love and support. Another big thanks to all acting coaches and directors, both past and present for helping to shape her as an artist as well as a person. Of course a massive thank you has to go out to her agent Melissa and the daCosta Talent family for always believing in her and helping her stick to her goals and dreams. read more

And of course her dog Zeus, who reminds her everyday that you don't need a reason or permission to run aimlessly and explore with reckless abandon.

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