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Alexandra Silber posters


July 3, 1983

Birth Sign




Raised in Detroit Michigan by two loving parents, Alexandra attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts Camp throughout her childhood, later enrolling in the Interlochen Arts Academy for most of her high school career. After graduating, she chose to hone her incredible acting skills at the Royal Scottish Academy in Glasgow. At the age of 21, before she had even officially graduated she was given the coveted role of Anne in the West End production of "Woman in White", becoming an instant West End star. She followed this with a year long run of the West End revival of "Fiddler on the Roof" as Hodel and then another year starring in the West End revival of "Carousel" as Julie Jordan, a critically acclaimed performance, for which she won an award.After nearly a decade living abroad, she decide to move back to the US, making New York her new home. Her first role after returning was as the scatterbrained, but talented Sophie DePalma in the Kennedy Center's production of Master Class. It was later remounted at the Friedman Theater, giving Ms. read more

Silber her Broadway debut. Since then, she has written and performed her cabaret, London Still, at Feinstein's and as a part of the Barbara Cook series at the Kennedy Center, starred as The Young Wife in an off-Broadway revival of La Chiusa's "Hello Again", been a part of the off-Broadway production of "Women on the Verge", and then wrote and performed a second cabaret, Ex Libris. At the time of writing she was starring as Jennifer Cavalleri in the US premier of the musical adaptation of "Love Story" in Philadelphia.Primarily a theater actress, Ms. Silber's stunning features and incredible charisma make her well suited to television and film as well. She has had roles in all three Law and Order series, including a role in the last season of the original series, and had her feature film debut in the Stephen King thriller, "1408".

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