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Alexandra Phillips posters


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5' 5" (1.65 m)


Alexandra Phillips is a passionate and versatile actress from Sydney, Australia. Most recently Alexandra has been announced the winner of the Hollywood Immersive Competition 2015. The competition received over 6,000 applicants and Alexandra's self written monologue scored her a place in the prestigious program. She was flown to Los Angeles to work with esteemed industry heads.Alexandra grew up in Hong Kong and Indonesia then moved to Sydney permanently. Alexandra went on to study Screen Production and Marketing at Macquarie University, graduating in 2015. Alexandra is known for guest starring for Channel 9's telemovie 'House of Hancock' playing as 'Johanna Porteous'. Alexandra's mixed heritage (Australian, Filipino) has left her with a strong advantage of being ethnically ambiguous. Beyond acting and modeling, Alexandra trains in Martial Arts. She specializes in combat fighting in Krav Maga (Israeli Military Defense) at VT1 Academy. Following the kick start of the Hollywood Immersive program Alexandra has moved to Los Angeles. read more

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