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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Alexandra Callas was born on March 16, 1985, in Moscow, Russia, to Lev Kerbel (1917-2003), the most famous sculptor of the USSR, and Maria Kerbel (1953-1995). She was raised with her sisters Katya Kerbel, now a famous photographer and artist; and Julia Kerbel, an art historian, designer, and a fashion model. All three of them are excellently educated and graduated from the most prestigious academies in Russia. Alexandra has three higher education degrees. She has a university degree (diploma cum laude!) in acting; she's also graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Fine Arts, and has another degree in journalism. From her early years Alexandra knew what she wanted, and it was to become a professional actress. Her entertaining talent was obvious to everyone around, so there were no doubts about her future. When she was about 11, her sister Katya organized a theater at their school. Their performances and concerts were a great success. Katya preferred to direct, while Alexandra played all the lead roles in their performances. read more

So, it all started very right for Alexandra Callas as an actress, but... Alexandra's unquenchable curiosity has taken her to different areas: at the age of 14, along with Katya, she formed a rock band (unfortunately or otherwise, but the band's existence was very short: in two months the sisters decided that it was not what they really wanted to dedicate themselves to). Then, at the age of 15, Alexandra tried herself as a reporter for one of the major youth newspapers in Moscow, "Moskovskiy Komsomolets". Her gift for journalism quickly led her to TV News on the established National Channel 3. At the age of 17, she was already called one of the best young TV reporters of Russia. She still had been dreaming of acting career, but just didn't have any time for it anymore, being an extremely busy TV reporter. Soon, she realized, again, that it wasn't what she wanted. But at that very moment she was invited to the most popular FM-station in Moscow at that time, "Maximum", to be a DJ and a host of her own show. So she ended up hosting MTV special daily radio news, the Morning Show, Friday night show, Sunday night show, and exclusive author shows of hers. She would often be invited to co-host shows on other radio-stations, such as BBC, for example. Alexandra had become a true star. She had a whole army of fans, and had been invited to MTV Russia to be its' evening VJ. Soon, she'd gotten her own music show on Channel 31. Alexandra's radio and TV career was developing so quickly (she hosted her own shows on three different radio stations by 2007), that she wouldn't have any time for anything else. And then she said to herself: "The time has come". She quit her radio and TV career, got married, gave birth to a child, and completely devoted herself to her only dream. To acting. And, like with all the other things in her life, she began with an impressive start: she auditioned and was enrolled to the acting faculty, and, while still studying at the University, got a contract with one of the famous Moscow theaters, "U Nikitskikh vorot". She graduated in 2011 with honors. In the same year, Devyatoe oblako (2010) ("Cloud Nine"), a short by Korean director Youngrelee Kim, where Alexandra starred in a lead female role, won the "Best Short" award at the International Film Festival "The Bridge" (Canada/Serbia). Alexandra continued to play at the theater, also developing a successful movie and TV career in Russia. In 2013, she was noticed by the American director Timothy Hines and was offered the role of Miss Grupe in 10 Days in a Madhouse (2015), an historical drama about a real life experience of Nellie Bly, a legendary investigative reporter of the 19th century. This project opened the whole new chapter in Alexandra's life... Now she continues her international career in films, TV, and theater, and has several movies in development.

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