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Coming directly from the Caribbean this beauty queen and model quickly transitioned into the Independent Film Industry latent in South Florida. Alexandra Bello comes from an artistic background thanks to her mother "Miriam Bello" who devoted 45 years of her life to ballet and teaching; and who, in her 60s has been teaching stage performance and the 'UASD' University in the arts faculty.Successfully prepared in Video Production and graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Alexandra now chases her dream which is more complex than just writing or directing, because she mainly seeks for concept development or the ability of creating.Alexandra performed as a lead character on a Dominican musical, when she was 9 years old, singing, dancing and acting; something natural to her due to her training and background. She continued on the same path of arts and entertainment when she turned 14 years old. She was officially old enough to pursue television and modeling.She started her modeling career in "Barbizon" at the same time as being co-host on "Sabado Chiquito de Corporan", a weekly morning show, transmitted from Dominican Republic to the Caribbean and all South America. read more

Despite her passion for television, Alexandra left modeling and TV behind when she turned 18 years old and started competing in national beauty pageants. She didn't have it easy but she finally won an international beauty pageant on 2008, with only 22 years old, Alexandra held the "Miss Atlantic International" title.She traveled for a whole year, doing charity events, participating in beauty events and community service until she returned to Punta del Este, Uruguay to the new queen's selection.During her year around the world, she had the opportunity to be exposed once more to the film festivals' experience, when she attended the Ischia Global Film Festival and seeing the humanity that celebrities, producers and actors had made her decide to leave her home town and fly to South Florida seeking for an opportunity in acting, modeling, writing or producing.She has been doing business in South Florida, since 2009 and after dealing with various networks, Alexandra has focused on creating independent content to be self-hosted and self-distributed.Alexandra Bello also speaks four languages, plays violin, piano and has a law Bachelor's degree.

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