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Alexander Walsh posters


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Alex Walsh is a rising star who's first appearance was in the hit TV show 'How To Rock' in which he starred as the character Sven in an episode named 'How to rock a yearbook'. He was then recently boosted by his performance in the Disney Channel TV show 'Austin And Ally' in which he starred as Dex, a character meant to be rough but appealing replica of the character Dez. The cast members supported Alex VIA social media which gave him a boost.He recently began starring in the animated show 'Bravest Warriors' in which he voices the character Chris Kirkman, according to the filmography posted below. His current lineup of episodes is 25, 2 of which are still to be aired following the 23rd episode 'Moo-Phobia'.He also voiced Eugene in the hit game "Infamous: Second Son."

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