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Alexander Jameson posters


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5' 3" (1.6 m)


Alexander Jameson is a SAG/AFTRA actor and model from Long Island, NY. He got his start in the business as a baby, when his Grandmother got him into Beauty/Talent Pageants. He would always win Grand Overall or be a runner-up. At 2 years old he was awarded a modeling contract for winning Model Of The Year. Alex would watch and then memorize huge parts of movies or TV shows he liked and would repeat them to his parents. He wanted to be on TV and in movies too. When Alex was 4 years old, he was enrolled in acting classes in NYC. His first audition was for a Hasbro Toy Commercial with Elmo and he got the lead/solo role! Since then, he has been in over 100 projects. He has held leading and supporting roles in TV, Film, Commercials, Voice-Overs, Stage, Web, and Music Videos. He can also be seen in several Print Ads and Billboards from NY to NJ,PA,CT, MA, and NH. He has traveled to TN and GA for jobs as well. Alex has had the opportunity to work with some amazing actors and directors including Michael J. read more

Fox, Fred Savage, Bennett Miller, Darren Aronofsky, Beck Bennett, Georgina Chapman, Brian "Q" Quinn, Kevin James, and Jackie Sandler, to name a few.

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