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Alexander Diachenko posters


June 12, 1965

Birth Sign



6' 3ΒΌ" (1.91 m)


Alexander was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Acting was a passion and a dream from a very young age. After graduating from Saint Petersburg University with an engineering degree and no formal education in acting, Alexander participated in two films. The dream of becoming an actor brought Alexander to United States in 1992 where he received a formal training in acting at "Act One of Chicago". Post training in 1994 Alexander's was making his way though independent cinema and commercials. In 1995 he became the SAG member.His first big debut was in the "Brat-2" movie, filmed in Chicago, 1999 by a renowned Russian movie director. This movie still remains one of the the most watched films up to date.Alexander has played in 60+ movies/TV series being one of the most well recognized and known among the celebrity actors in Russia. He has extensive experience working on drama, historical, and action films in Russia, Finland, Sweden, India and Ukraine.Currently in addition to acting, Alexander dedicates a great share of his time to the music industry and is working on "ANTIGO" project, that is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. read more

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