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Alexander Cendese posters


November 29, 1981

Birth Sign



6' 1" (1.85 m)


Alexander Cendese is a American/Canadian actor, writer and producer living in New York and Toronto. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to a Canadian father and an American mother, Cendese spent significant time in Florence, Italy growing up, before attending the Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp and eventually, Carnegie Mellon, where he received his Bachelor's in Acting from the School of Drama in 2004. In 2004, Cendese took up permanent residency in New York City, where he has been a working actor ever since, In 2011, Cendese developed, produced and appeared in the feature film, Blumenthal, starring Brain Cox and Laila Robins. Blumenthal had its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2013. Cendese's acting credits include: TV: Hostages (CBS), White Collar (USA), Golden Boy (CBS), Law & Order, L&O: SVU (NBC), The Bedford Diaries (WB), The Gamekillers (MTV), Body of Proof (ABC); FILM: Garden Party, Greetings from the Shore, Torte Bluma (short), Feeling Tall (short, Producer), Catskill Park, and Blumenthal (Producer. read more

) He has produced several short films, including Feeling Tall, and Defaced, which he wrote, shot, edited and directed. Cendese has appeared both on Broadway and Off, as well as at several major regional theaters throughout the North East. He has lent his voice to several audio books. Since November of 2012, Cendese has maintained a home in Toronto, as well as New York City.

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