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Alex Van Zeelandt posters


February 9, 1991

Birth Sign



5' 6" (1.68 m)


Alex Van Zeelandt was born on February, 9th, 1991 in Brooklyn, New York. She relocated to Tennessee with her family 2002, and has been professionally acting since 2009.Alex started her career as a model, and quickly gained recognition within the industry. Modeling was never a permanent career path for her. She always wanted to be an actor, and decided to focus her time, and attention towards becoming a good one. Alex is a dedicated student of Stanislavski theatre, and film history.To date, she has been in twenty seven music videos, two billboards, four commercials, three feature films, two television shows, as well as winner of Nashville Model Of The Year. She was awarded best supporting actress at the 54 Hour Film Festival (in Nashville,) and appears in The Wolf of Wall Street as well as on The Wolf of Wall Street movie poster / DVD cover in three different places next to Leonardo DiCaprio. Alex is also a proud SAG-AFTRA member.

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