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Alex Lorre (24 October 1975) is an actor/stunt performer. Alex Lorre caused an International sensation with his portrayal of a sleeper that gave birth to a baby alien in 1997 Sigourney Weaver's "Alien Resurrection" action movie. Previously he played a kitchen worker who was a love life advisor to Brad Garrett in drama film "A Delicatessen Story". He later became a popular player in Hollywood crime and action films playing Insurgent, Commander, Pirate, Character player and Hijacker. Lorre's distinctive accent and voice became a favorite target of directors and producers of video Games, Commercials, characters and voice over projects. In particular several "Call Of Duty" video games and movie projects and because of his features, physical look and Gymnastic abilities, he got also the advantages of being in the minds of stunt coordinators. He became an 'Elite' in scuba diving society and achieved the level of "specialty instructor" for extreme specialty diving such as enriched mixed-air and deep dives in 2003. read more

He won the junior state of California championship in power lifting in Venice beach California in 1992 and in World's gym Venice he became a close friend of Joe Gold and his clan and rubbed shoulders with the movie and TV stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dylan McDermott, William Smith, Steve Strong, Jesse Ventura and few more. Alex's passion is to act and to produce movies and TV shows and strives to learn the technical side and visual (special) effects of filmmaking in entertainment industry. In November 2010, Alex Lorre obtained his Twin Engine I.F.R F.A.A Pilot license in Santa Monica California and he hopes to use his skills as a stunt pilot in movies. His last interview with press was at a red carpet charity event in Hollywood California in June 2012.

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