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Alex Hook is the star of the hit Nickelodeon series "I Am Frankie", playing the role of Frankie Gaines. Alex was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2001 and she moved to Kingston, Ontario with her parents and her older brother in 2008. She was introduced to acting in a local musical theatre which she performed in for many years. Alex knew at a very early age she wanted to pursue acting as a career so when she told her mom that she was serious about acting in film and television, her mom approached SoHo Management (her current agency), which started her busy and productive journey into the film/TV industry. Alex started booking commercials for The Family Channel within months of signing with SoHo Management and within 3 years at the agency she went from occasional commercial work, to a series lead role on one of the most recognized networks in the world. When she's not on set Alex can usually be seen immersed in some sort of sport or adventurous activity.

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