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Alex Demir was born in N.Y. He grew up in the Bronx and during his high school years his family moved to Westchester County. His father passed away suddenly when Alex was a young boy. With no male role model to guide him Alex started getting into trouble with the law and found himself in jail on several occasions. In his own words- "I was lost, clueless. I became some kind of a maniac".Eventually, at the suggestion of a friend from the neighborhood, Alex began taking acting classes at the famed H.B. Studios in the West Village section of Manhattan. There he received encouragement from several of the teachers including Tony Award and Academy Winner Sandy Dennis. He has stated- "It was the first time anyone ever told me that I was good at anything.......anything legal ".Alex made his debut on the off Broadway stage in Albert Camus'- "Caligula"After working in several more plays and being told constantly that he should be in front of a camera and that he needed to be in Hollywood, he eventually drove across country and settled in Los Angeles. read more

His work has been described as; "explosive", "powerful", "wonderfully natural", "honest".

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