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Alex Debogorski was born on August 4, 1953 in Berwyn, Alberta, Canada. His father was a paratrooper in the Free Polish Brigade out of Britain during World War II and his mother studied both math and music at Cambridge University (his parents first met and got married in London, England). Alex grew up on a farm in Alberta, Canada and attended the University of Alberta. Debogorski worked at a tire store prior to deciding to become a truck driver at age nineteen in 1972. He also worked as a taxi driver, club bouncer, oil rigger, coal miner, and as a coal and diamond prospector as well as bought and sold mobile homes before buying his first truck in 1980. Alex moved with his wife Louise to the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory of Canada in 1976. The author of the best-selling book "King of the Road: True Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker," Debogorski also writes articles on a regular basis for the local newspaper "The Yellowknifer." The father of eleven children, Alex has thirteen grandchildren. read more

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