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Alex Coker is the Co-Host/Survival Guru for the TV Show, "Remote Survival", on the National Geographic Channel. He has appeared on History Channel2's "Stan Lee's Super Humans" as himself, a SWAT Rappel Master, going up against a super human rope climber. He was a stunt actor in the movie, "The Butler", and played a small TV role on the first episode of "Star Crossed".Alex was born and raised near Memphis, TN. He grew up hunting, fishing, and camping. He is a survivalist at heart and is prepared for anything.In 1992, he joined the U.S. Army Infantry. He served in the Presidential Honor Guard from 1995-1997 in Washington, DC. In 2002, Coker left the Army after ten years with an Honorable Discharge. He was a Staff Sergeant/E-6, MOS:11B3PB4. He completed Airborne School, Air Assault School, Special Forces Assessment and Selection-(S.F.A.S.), U.S. Marine Corps.Scout Sniper Instructor School-(Basic Course) at Quantico, VA, and earned his Expert Infantryman's Badge.In 2002, Alex joined the Horn Lake Police Department-(HLPD). read more

He was the Honor Graduate #1-"Top Cop" in his Class-"Class#199" at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer's Training Academy-(M.L.E.O.T.A.) in Pearl, MS. He served as a K9 Patrol Officer, SWAT Sniper, Honor Guard, F.B.I. Certified Firearms Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Recruiter. He was named "Officer of the Year" at his Dept. in 2005.In 2006, he was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency-(CIA) as a Special Protective Agent, with the Global Response Staff-(GRS). He conducted classified operations overseas. He later switched over to the Director's Protective Staff-(DPS). He protected the Director of CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and both of their Deputy Directors. Daily protection included runs to the White House and overseas.In 2008, Coker went back to Horn Lake Police Department as a K9 Patrol Officer. He served as the SWAT Team Assistant Team Leader, SWAT Rappel Master, Honor Guard, Active Shooter Instructor, and Firearms Instructor.In 2010, Alex began working for the Desoto County Sheriff's Department. He served as a SWAT Team Explosive Breacher, SWAT Rappel Master, Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, Executive Protection Instructor, Honor Guard, Glock Pistol Armorer, and served warrants in the Fugitive Division.In 2011, Alex was selected to serve full time for three years on the US Marshals Task Force as a Special Deputy. He served dangerous high threat felony warrants. He had a direct hand in catching several high profile murder suspects.In 2012, he was assigned part time to the Police Academy as an adjunct instructor for two years. His job was very similar to a military drill sergeant.Coker is an avid skydiver and is still in law enforcement today serving warrants.

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