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Alex Band posters


June 8, 1981

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


Alex Band is the son of director and producer Charles Band. He was recently in a band called "The Calling" where he is the lead singer. Their single "Wherever You Will Go" was a hit all over the world. He was featured in his father's film Puppet Master II (1990).You may already know Alex as the voice and passion behind The Calling. He is presently taking a break from The Calling and working on his first solo CD. Signed by Ron Fair at Interscope/Geffen Records, he is currently in the studio working with producers Matt Serletic (Rob Thomas, Stacie Orrico, Collective Soul) and Tal Herzberg.Before embarking on a solo career, Alex and his band, The Calling, released two very successful albums and many hit singles, including "Adrienne," "Our Lives," and the massive hit "Wherever You Will Go," which spent most of 2002 on the Billboard Charts and recently was awarded a BDS Award for 800,000 spins. The band's album "Camino Palmero" has sold 3 million worldwide. Alex has appeared in films such as "Coyote Ugly" and "Fish without a Bicycle. read more

" His music has been featured in such films as "Daredevil," "Kate and Leopold," "Love, Actually," and "Sweet Home Alabama." The song "Our Lives" was used as the theme for the television show "Clubhouse" and was played during the closing ceremony at the Summer Olympics in 2004. It was also featured in the trailer for the 2006 Oscars. In addition, Alex recorded and released the #1 single "Why Don't You and I" with Carlos Santana in 2003.

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