Alessia Ventura is one of the most established contemporary Italian artists. Based in Milan, she works in a range of mediums including collages, photography, books, exhibitions and interactive digital works, exploring themes such as nostalgia, memory and the structure and systems of public, social and personal identity. From her abstract use of photographs, words and objects to her simple, yet lyrical aesthetic, Ventura is a true master of composition and narrative; her artwork becoming a sort of visual poetry. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and her poster prints are highly sought after by collectors. Bring a touch of Alessia Ventura's iconic artistry into your home by purchasing her poster prints today. These works of art feature Ventura's signature blend of abstract and figurative motifs, so they will fit perfectly in your interior and create an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. With vibrant colour palettes, beautiful layouts and dynamic compositions, Alessia Ventura poster prints provide an enriching visual experience. Buy one today and bring a stunning piece of contemporary Italian art into your home.