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Alessia Angelina Brunacini posters


Birth Sign


4' 11" (1.5 m)


Alessia Angelina Brunacini was born July 1st 2001 in Southern California, raised everywhere from the mountains of New Mexico to the beaches of San Diego. After age 5 she quickly realized that she was multi-talented as she excelled in all sports including Soccer, Gymnastics, Cheer, Snowboarding and Rodeo. She began her acting and singing career at the age 5 while attending performing arts schools. She performed in over 55 plays landing the lead character in almost every play. She has the gift of memorizing her lines in in a very short time frame. She is very outgoing, confident, and professional in what she does. She is very familiar and comfortable on sets due to the fact that she has been raised within the motion picture industry due to her fathers extensive career within it.

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