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Alessandro De Marco posters


September 28, 1979

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


Born in Vercelli, Italy, to Patrizia and Angelo De Marco, Alessandro was raised along with his older brother Massimo. Both his mother and father worked in the same factory; his father as a factory worker and his mother as a secretary. His parents divorced when he was 23, soon after he moved to England. His career began in Milan at the age of 19, where he appeared in photo shoots for some local magazines. Not happy with the results, he soon took the decision to move to England. Not knowing the language, he started his first job as a glass collector in a local night club in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Soon after, he managed to find a job in a factory, where he spent the next year. During this period, his english improved to such a level that allowed him to start attending acting classes. At the age of 26 he moved to London, and he found himself a job as computer programmer, using this money to support his acting career. He attends many evening classes, from acting and pronunciation courses, to drama workshops, where he has met and learnt from many accomplished actors. read more

This includes a one-to-one breakfast meeting with Bill Nighy, from which he gathered some very useful information, accelerating the progression of his acting career. His latest role sees him work closely with Martha Fiennes (sister of Ralph Fiennes) in the Nativity project, where he was selected to play the role of Angel Gabriel. The project was shown in Covent Garden piazza (London) for 2 months (2 November 2011 - 2January 2012).

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