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Alena Doláková posters


September 17, 1989

Birth Sign



5' 5¼" (1.66 m)


Alena is best known as "Holena" in critically acclaimed Czech-Danish box office hit "Tri Bratri" directed by two time Oscar winner Jan Sverak. She was also cast in "Lost in Munich" that premiered at the London Film Festival in 2015. It received awards from across the globe, and was the Czech Oscar contender. She played a cheeky maid in British feature "Interlude in Prague" starring James Purefoy and Anaurin Bernard which premiered in London in 2017. In 2016, Alena appeared in the comedy "Dvojnici" opposite Ondrej Sokol and TV series "Me, Mattoni" directed by multiple Czech Lion Award winner Marek Najbrt, as well as in several independent productions in Los Angeles while studying screenwriting. She most recently shot feature films "Temabuilding" (2018) and "Pepa" (2018), TV miniseries "Metanol" (2018) and German TV film "Die Diplomaten" (2018). A classically trained ballerina and professional hip hop dancer, she's studied at the prestigious drama school "JAMU" and acted in about thirty theatre productions in the Czech republic, including the National Theatre. read more

Her most acclaimed parts are "Desdemona" in "Othello" opposite Czech national acting legend Jan Potmesil, directed by Jakub Spalek. "B" in Mark O'Rowe' s "Terminus" got her nominated for Alfred Radok' s Award. She also lead Mark Ravenhill's "Yesterday An Incident Occurred" for the Letters To Eric Company, England, and starred as "Laura" in the original English version of "The Glass Menagerie" in Prague Playhouse. Alena lives between Prague, London and Los Angeles. Having acted in English, French, Czech, Russian and German, Alena has immense experience working in other languages as well as her mother tongue as she writes for the Czech magazine Reflex.cz. She is an incredibly versatile and well trained actress, who's ability to use the emotions and techniques available in her toolbox, put her amongst the select group of up and coming European film stars.

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