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Aleksandar Popovic was born on October 6, 1984, in Belgrade, (former) Yugoslavia, though his family originated from Daruvar, Croatia. He is the son of Nadia Popovic, a medical EMG technician, and Michael Pepa, a classical music composer.Aleksandar and his Mother moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada well before the Yugoslav Wars began in 1991. Though Aleks often struggled in school, he always found refuge in the arts. His Mother was a catalyst in encouraging all forms of artistic expression, whilst his Father made sure he was formally educated in classical music theory and history.Aleks was exposed to film by his Father which led to a tradition, between the two, of going to the movies every Tuesday. This sparked a love affair and obsession with film that ultimately grew into the pursuit of acting as a profession.The first step on this journey led him to Humber College's Acting for Film & Television program in Toronto. After his first year, Aleks received the President's Letter from the Dean of College for outstanding performance in all academia and was given a grant to continue on to his second year in the program. read more

Under the guidance of Canadian Actor and Program Director, John Bourgeois, and Canadian Actor and Instructor, Michel Caruana, Aleks was given a strong foundation to develop his craft.Aleks' first professional break came with a small supporting role as Walter Wodlowski, in Laurie Lynd's Canadian Indie Feature, Breakfast With Scot (2007), where he performed opposite Tom Cavanagh and Jeananne Goossen. During this time, Aleks studied under Lewis Baumander in Toronto, Canada who honed his craft for the next few years leading up to his move to Los Angeles.In 2009, Aleksandar moved to Hollywood where he would once again find an acting coach who would have a profound impact on his craft and career. Studying under Ivana Chubbuck, Aleks was able to find a technique that he uses in his work to this day.Aleks' theatrical stage debut was starring as the title character, Orestes, in Director Lucas Thanos' interpretation of Oresteia (2012). He starred alongside Danay Garcia, Frantz Turner and Michael Monks. His first television break came when he turned a two episode co-star into a heavily recurring character on the Starz hit show, Power (TV Series 2014- ), in which he portrays the Serbian drug distributor, Petar. He stars opposite Joseph Sikora, Omari Hardwick and 50 Cent.Currently (2017), Aleks splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City where he can also be found writing children's stories and composing folk music.

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