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Alejandro Chabán posters


August 20, 1981

Birth Sign




Alejandro Chaban has the distinction of being able to work in two separate markets, speaking to two diverse audiences in two different languages. Alejandro is the executive producer of his own talk show "Yes You Can With Chaban" in YouTube's channel "NuevOn". Recently, he was named an official HealthCorps Ambassador by Dr. Oz to help fight against child obesity.He's been able to shift between roles out of English speaking Hollywood and then back to his Latin roots on Spanish shows. He has taken part on the hit CBS series "The Mentalist." He also starred in Univision's number 1 prime time telenovela "Eva Luna", and he was part of the cast of the popular prime time Spanish telenovela "El Rostro de Analia." Prior to that he starred opposite Lily Tomlin and Leslie Jordan on the HBO Series, "12 Miles of Bad Road", which was written by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason.Alejandro released his first book entitled 'De Gordo a Galan' (From Fatty to Hottie) which chronicled his life as an obese child/teenager into his adult years and his transformation to how he got into great shape. read more

The book was a huge success in many Latin markets in North and South America.Alejandro is considered a true international actor, having schooled in Venezuela and Los Angeles. He landed his first major role on the Spanish TV series, "Viva La Pepa". He received praise for his work on the play "Las Alegres Cantares". Alejandro later starred in "Amor en Concreto", a film directed by the Polish-Venezuelan director Franco de Pena. He stepped into the international limelight while on the Venevision International show "Engañada". Alejandro's name was furthered by his involvement with the productions of "Prisionera", "La Ley de Silencio" , "Decisiones", "El Rostro de Analía" and recently in Univision's #1 telenovela "Eva Luna", his participation on this last one took him to join the lines of the prime time hit show "Mira Quien Baila", in which Alejandro danced in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Foundation and his increasing popularity got him to produce his own segment "De Gordo a Galan" for the morning show Despierta America which airs weekly in Univision.Alejandro landed several Hollywood roles, including a part in "The Notorious Bettie Page" where he worked alongside actress Gretchen Moll and director Mary Harron. His exceptional work in this film lead to a guest role on the USA hit TV series "Monk" and supporting roles in the films "The Perfect Game" and "Reservations".

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