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Alejandra Gutierrez posters


June 20, 1979

Birth Sign




Alejandra Gutierrez is a actress, film producer , Spanish origin, testimonial and founder of the international association Heartbeat Moving Children to promote social inclusion for Down syndrome people.In 2001 she became the spokeswoman for DirecTV promoting initiatives in more than 18 countries around the world, participating in the most important television and radio programs; host nations are also the scene of events cult "ALE-G Fashion Shows", where they are launched her lines lingerie and costumes worn by top model who is as a manager in the arts with ALE-G Management.A familiar face of Univision, Telemundo, Fox, NBC, where she distinguished herself as a TV host, also works as a radio personality and takes part in tours with great musicians and DJS primarily in the United States and South America, Starred in several Hollywood films alongside actors like Danny DeVito, Eva Longoria, Lorenzo Lamas, in the television series, Nip / Tuck. It 'also starred in the reality show focusing on her life and professional career. read more

Model for prestigious brands of international level such as Visa, Monster, Bacardi, McDonald's, Chevrolet, Bell South, Corona, Bilboa, Samsung, today is mainly engaged in campaigns with a social as President and testimonial of the international association Heartbeat Moving Children, which based in Italy and in the United States and works to promote social inclusion and raise funds in favor of children and persons with syndrome, producing events in the field of entertainment and sport, also collaborating with leading humanitarian organizations worldwide such as UNICEF.

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